Happiness Audit

We hold open and honest conversations to understand what motivates the team and to proactively address challenges faced by employees. Our colleagues comments from 2021 Happiness Audit.

The current policies are exciting and encouraging especially around parental leave, very progressive.

I love daily collaboration with colleagues, we have a great team and this makes my work easy. I ‘m also very happy that I’m making social impact on building business skills for entrepreneurs.

I am super excited about my position. Each day has something new to tackle and I love that environment. I am excited about strategic planning.

I can start with the words: amazing, super happy. In finance, sometimes one can always do daily tasks, but having the chance to be part of the AEC leadership program, that is super amazing.

I really like that my boss believes in me. She's allowed me to make judgement calls, and do what is right, she has also come hard on me once or twice for feedback. My boss is extremely supportive and when her word will make things easier for me, she paves the way for me.

I'm feeling better. I'm proud to support my clients. I'm proud of being an adviser to my clients, supporting my community, and showing we can achieve our goals. Within a short period, I can achieve so much. I am the change I want to see in my community. I am proud.

AEC is an unforgettable organization. I have worked with so many organizations, but I have never seen an organization like AEC. The collaboration with colleagues, the access to managers, the encouragement from AEC. I can get new skills here.

There has been so much growth in my leadership, due all the opportunities that I have been given. I am so happy about my current position - not only do I engage with the team that I work with, but also high level management. It comes with challenges, but I am able to put solutions on the table.

AEC is a great place to work, my favorite part of AEC is its culture and everyone is welcomed regardless of the position they hold.

I am happy. I feel like this is the first position I’ve ever had where I feel like my voice is being heard.

I feel good about AEC and when I see how AEC impact people lives, I feel proud working with AEC as it expands in more locations.

I like the culture. Tuko pamoja is really felt. Everyone is willing to listen and take time and come up with a solution.